Access Your Log from Multiple Computers

It's a common problem. You want to edit and view your log from your home and work computers, and maybe an additional laptop. There are two solutions.

Solution 1: Install or copy FishersLog onto a thumbdrive or external disk. This works for both Windows and Macs. 

Or, My preferred way to access my log from multiple computers:

Solution 2: The FishersLog program and licensing has been engineered in a way to make this possible with the use of a "file synchronization service". If you don't know what this is, don't worry. It's simple, secure, and can be free. I use a service called "DropBox". I have no affiliation with them, and there are plenty of other similar services available. A free Dropbox account includes 2GB of storage. I fish about 140 times a year, and my estimates are that it will take me about 40 years of logging to use 2GB. I signed up for a free DropBox account, then installed their software on two computers. This creates an identical folder on both computers. The DropBox software makes sure that everything stays synchronized, and this includes a copy backed up on their server. Then all I needed to do was copy my existing FishersLog folder into my DropBox folder. Now both computers could see the log. For convenience, I created a desktop shortcut to the FishersLog.exe in the FishersLog folder on each computer. Now I can edit and view my log from multiple computers. The only requirement is that I only have FishersLog open on one computer at a time. For new installations, you can install FishersLog directly into your DropBox folder.

DropBox has a simple movie describing their service on their homepage at If you have any questions about using DropBox with FishersLog, contact me at I'll be glad to help. For now, using FishersLog on multiple computers via file synchronization works only on Windows. 

Data stored in a DropBox folder should be secure because it's backed up to multiple locations. However, you should still keep a backup copy of your FishersLog folder on a thumb drive or external disk.


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