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Fishing Log data is priceless. Be sure to make backups. On Windows, the safest way to back up FishersLog is to back up the entire installation folder onto a thumb drive or external disk. On a Mac, copy the FishersLog application to external media. This will assure that you save your data and pictures. If you have a hardware failure and you need to restore from a backup, email us and we'll make sure your restore goes safely. It's also a good idea to always have an up to date printout of your log.

Windows Notes:

FishersLog requires Java. Java is free, and most Windows computers already have it installed. In the unlikely event that Java is not installed on your Windows computer, the FishersLog installation program will take you to the Java download page.

Unless you choose a different location during installation on your Windows computer, FishersLog will install in your "Documents" folder. User-level programs, such as FishersLog, may experience problems if installed in the "Program Files" folder on Vista or Windows 7 computers.

Java 8 on older versions of FishersLog

If you have an older version of FishersLog, and a Java 8 upgrade deletes your older Java installation, FishersLog will give an error on startup. There are two ways to fix it. If you “explore” into your FishersLog installation folder, you’ll see a FishersLog.exe file. Rename it to something else and overwrite it with The other way is to reinstall Java 6 from here:

Email if you encounter problems of any kind.

Mac Notes:

As of late September 2018, FishersLog has a serious problem with Mac's upgraded to OSX Mojave. FishersLog is configured to run on Java 6, which is apparently not supported by Mojave. Apple has caused this problem for many applications using Java 6. I'll continue to work on a solution.

Java version 6 is required. Most Macs ship with this version. Most Leopards will have been updated to include it.

OS X  has a security feature called Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is enabled by default and may prevent applications distributed outside of the Mac App Store from launching. If you see a "damaged application" error message while downloading FishersLog onto a newer Mac, don't be alarmed. The solution is here.

Email if you encounter problems of any kind.


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